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Meet our experts

All our advisers are experienced in financial services and will ensure your claim is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

michelle director at amk legal

Michelle Barrett

Managing Director

Having worked in financial services for over twenty years, Michelle has a clear understanding of the malpractice and pressure selling from the UK’s major financial institutions for the past three decades. She has made it her mission to provide financial justice for our clients.

victoria hirshals-fleming head of operations at amk legal

Victoria Hirshals-Fleming

Head of Operations

Victoria’s in depth knowledge of the claims industry allows her to oversee our processes ensuring we work in the most efficient way. With over 12 years experience she has adapted and streamlined internal procedures maximising productivity across all aspects of the business.

andrew howie a claims adviser at amk legal

Andrew Howie

Head of Sales

Andrew is responsible for our team of claims advisers ensuring they provide the very best customer service to all of our clients.

profile picture of melanie platt

Melanie Platt

Head of Claims Management

Melanie spent years checking the quality of advice given by financial advisers. As part of a Compliance Unit it was her job to ensure advisers complied with the ‘best advice’ principles laid down by the FCA. It is now her job to make sure that any decisions made by the investment providers on claims submitted are checked and challenged to ensure we get the best possible outcome for our clients.

profile picture of michael jordan

Michael Jordan

Head of Training & Development

Michael has worked in senior management roles in financial services. As a qualified independent financial adviser with over twenty five years experience, he is well placed to train and develop our teams to provide the best possible client experience.

neil haslingden a claims adviser at amk legal

Neil Haslingden

Senior Claims Advisor

Neil has many years’ experience in helping clients with financial claims. His understanding and empathy for a client’s situation mean he is able to handle initial enquiries and start the claims process for customers.

jamie shakeshaft a claims adviser at amk legal

Jamie Shakeshaft

Senior Claims Advisor

Jamie has worked in the Claims Management and Legal Industries for a number of years. She has all the necessary skills to complete a claim which will best represent the client’s circumstances and achieve the right outcome.

profile picture of simon motley

Simon Motley

Senior Claims Advisor

Simon has had a lengthy career working as an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). He now uses his experience to compile key claim points for clients with mis sold pension cases. He does a lot of work with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). These cases are often complex and involve pension transfers and SIPPs.

samantha worsley a claims adviser at amk legal

Samantha Worsley

Senior Claims Advisor

Sam has a wealth of experience in the claims management industry and is well suited to talking clients through the claims process.

claims advisor at amk legal

Chloe Hunt

Senior Claims Advisor

Chloe has developed her skills over the last few years at AMK Legal. She has a good understanding of the claims process and combined with an in-depth knowledge on investment and pension products, she is able to put together a strong case for clients who are interested in reclaiming their lost money.

derek welsby a claims adviser at amk legal

Derek Welsby

Senior Claims Advisor

Derek has a background in regulated financial advice. He spent many years advising customers of High Street banks such as Halifax. He now deals with enquiries from those consumers who feel let down by financial dealings with their banks.

tamidayo sawyer a claims advisor at amk legal

Temidayo Sawyerr

Senior Claims Advisor

Temi has built up her knowledge over a number of years at a market leading Claims Management Company and now at AMK Legal. Her warm and engaging style means our clients feel they can trust her to get them the best possible outcome.

helen stanley a claims adviser at amk legal

Helen Stanley

Senior Claims Advisor

Helen has many years’ experience working for a High Street bank and discussing financial products with customers. Helen is the first point of contact for clients who are interested in potentially making a claim against a financial institution.

will tatlow a claims adviser at amk legal

Will Tatlow

Senior Claims Advisor

Will has gained experience across many sectors with his recent expertise being used in the Healthcare industry. Will’s professional maturity makes him ideally placed to discuss and explain our simplified claims process as the first point of contact.

charlie jordan a claims adviser at amk legal

Charlie Jordan

Senior Claims Advisor

Charlie has gained experience across several teams at AMK Legal. His full understanding of the claims process together with his knowledge of financial products means Charlie can guide clients through all stages of a claim.

robert meades a claims advisor at amk legal

Robert Meades

Senior Claims Advisor

Robert is an established member of the team whose experience is ideal for handling our clients enquires and starting the claim process.

scott cam claims adviser at amk legal

Scott Cam

Senior Claims Advisor

Scott has worked at Norwich Union and Royal London giving him a strong background on the types of financial products we discuss with clients. Scott’s role is to produce a report explaining a client’s particular circumstances and the reasons why they are owed compensation.

joanna crompton a claims adviser at amk legal

Joanne Crompton

Quality Control

Joanne has a wealth of experience in financial claims and uses this to ensure the team work in a compliant way following the high standard of customer service we pride ourselves on.

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