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Anthony Reynolds from Carmarthen got back £14,080 from Barclays

Reclaimed figure is before the deduction of our fees

Anthony inherited a portfolio of shares from his late father and met with a financial adviser from Barclays in 2001 to discuss the options he had with his inheritance. He was advised to invest into a Managed Portfolio at a medium level of risk. He closed the investment a couple of years later losing over £5,000.

Anthony saw our ad on the internet and contacted us asking if we could assist him regarding the money he had lost. We reviewed the advice he had been given and we believed he had been advised to take too much risk and should have invested at a low level of risk at most.

We sent our claim to Barclays explaining why Anthony should receive a refund. After investigating the case Barclays agreed with our findings and completed a comparison to evaluate if he had lost out by investing in a medium risk area. This resulted in Anthony receiving a refund of £14,080.

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