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John Quinn from Cheshire got back £4,258 from Lloyds

Reclaimed figure is before the deduction of our fees

In 1999 John sold his home and relocated to Chester. When the proceeds were received, they were contacted by Lloyds Bank to meet with a financial adviser. Mr Quinn and his wife were recommended to invest £7,000 each into an ISA. The ISAs were sold in 2006 and the couple received back £8670 each.

Mrs Quinn saw our ad on the internet and contacted us asking if we could assist him regarding the advice he had received from Lloyds. We reviewed the advice they had been given and we believed Mr Quinn and his wife had been advised to take too much risk for someone who had not invested previously. They had been recommended to invest in a medium risk area and low was more suitable.

We sent our claim to Lloyds explaining why Mr Quinn should receive a refund. After investigating the case Lloyds agreed with our findings and completed a comparison to evaluate if they had lost out by investing in the medium risk area recommended. Lloyds calculated that by investing in a low risk area they would have been better off by £4258 and refunded this to a delighted Mr Quinn and his wife.

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