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Julie White from Sheffield got back £2,002 from Halifax

Reclaimed figure is before the deduction of our fees

In 2006 Julie’s mother sadly passed away after a long battle with illness. Following this sad event Julie’s father gifted her some money and she was asked to speak with a financial adviser at her local Halifax branch.

Julie was advised to invest £15,000 into a Guaranteed Investment Plan as she wanted to ensure she couldn’t lose any of the family money given to her. She cashed in her investment 4 years later and received the amount of £15,162.

Julie saw our ad on the internet and contacted us asking if we could assist her even though she had not lost any of the capital she invested. We reviewed the advice she was given and identified that the funds recommended were not managed properly after the banking crisis in 2009 and that she was advised to invest too much of the money she had.

We sent our claim to Halifax explaining why she was advised wrongly. After investigating the case Halifax agreed with our findings and paid her £2,002 to compensate for the unsuitable advice she had received. This amount covered the position she would have been in if she had invested a more suitable amount which would have provided better returns.

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