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Michael Knight from London got back £275 from St James’s Place

Reclaimed figure is before the deduction of our fees

Michael met with a St James’s Place adviser and was recommended to invest into an ISA. Michael’s agreement with St James’s Place meant that he would pay them an Ongoing Advice Charge each year and in return he would receive an annual review to ensure the recommendation made was still suitable.

Michael saw our ad on the internet and contacted us asking if we could assist him regarding the charges he had been paying to St James’s Place. We reviewed the service he had been given and it was clear that on some recent occasions he had been paying for a review that didn’t take place.

We sent our claim to St James’s Place explaining why Michael should receive a refund. After investigating the case St James’s Place agreed with our findings and refunded the fees John had paid in 2018 when a review didn’t take place totalling £275.

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