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Mis-Sold Investment Bonds

Investment Bond mis-selling is one of the most prominent forms of financial malpractice we encounter. An Investment Bond is a lump sum life insurance policy, paid as a single premium, which can be invested across a variety of different funds.

Investment Bonds can either be fixed-term or have no set term, although surrender penalties may apply in the early stages. A lump sum is invested into a fund of your choice, and at surrender or in the event of your death, a lump sum will be paid out – the size of which will depend on the performance, and the terms and conditions, of your Investment Bond.

Have you been affected by Investment Bond mis-selling?

Advisers want to sell customers as many Investment Bonds as possible because of the high levels of commission they generate. Sales have been linked frequently to bonuses and job retention. Their success of the Investment Bond, however, is often subject to management charges and surrender penalties. All of this should have been made clear to you from the outset.

Intense pressure on advisers has led to consumers being mis-sold Investment Bonds that were often unsuitable for their needs and situation. Many high street banks have been fined for putting branch staff under pressure to sell Investment Bonds, irrespective of whether they properly serve the customer’s requirements.

Making a claim

We have extensive experience helping you claim on a mis-sold Investment Bond. We can advise whether you’re due compensation and claim on your behalf, guiding you through a quick and hassle-free process until you get your money back.

What’s the next step?

For further details on Investment Bond mis-selling, or if we can help you make a compensation claim today, call our friendly team of mis-sold Investment Bond specialists on 01204 565331 email Alternatively, you can request a call back below and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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