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Mis-Sold Pensions

Right now Independent Financial Advisers are facing a flood of complaints about mis-sold pensions. The Financial Conduct Authority recently found that many customers have been poorly advised on their pensions by the banks and IFAs, and thousands of people are taking steps to claim their money back.

We’re experts in helping people claim compensation for mis-sold pensions. We get results quickly – our team of advisers can identify whether you have been wrongly sold your pension, whether you can claim, and obtain a successful pay-out in the shortest possible time.

Start the process today by requesting a call back or speaking directly to an expert on 01204 565331.

What are mis-sold pensions?

Pension mis-selling may be the next big scandal facing the financial services sector. Regulators have seen a dramatic rise in pensions-related complaints and some banks and IFAs have already incurred hefty fines.

Pension advisers have strict codes of practice to follow. For example, when you started your scheme:

  • Did the adviser take into account your health and medical issues?
  • Did you feel the adviser didn’t give you all the information you needed?
  • Were you advised to transfer your pension into a SIPP investing in Carbon Credits, Property Syndicates and other risky sectors?
  • Do you feel you weren’t provided with all the options available to obtain the best possible deal?

To find out if you can claim for pension mis-selling, speak to one of our specialists on Freephone 01204 565331 or request a call back.

SIPP Claims

Self-Invested Personal Pensions are only suitable for experienced and sophisticated investors. SIPPa can be very high in risk.

Pension Transfer

Some clients build up several pensions over their working life. Although it may be simpler to transfer pensions into a single plan it is not usually suitable to do so.

FSAVC Compensation

Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions were recommended to clients who wanted to invest more money into their Occupational Pension Schemes.


Annuities provide an income to clients who have decided to take their pension benefits. Many people take the annuity offered by their pension provider rather than shopping around for better value.

What’s the next step?

It couldn’t be easier to start a claim with us. Just speak to one of our advisers for an assessment. If you’re eligible to make a claim, we’ll send you a claims form. Just sign this and send it back to us. No hassle and no messy paperwork.

Start the reclaiming process now – call us on 01204 565331 or email Alternatively, you can request a call back below and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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