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Mr & Mrs Deakin from Blandford Forum got back £404 from St James’s Place

Reclaimed figure is before the deduction of our fees

Mr & Mrs Deakin first met with a St James’s Place adviser in 2013 to discuss their investment opportunities. She met with the adviser again and invested into ISAs and Investment Bonds. St James’s Place agreement said that Mr & Mrs Deakin would pay an Ongoing Advice Charge. However, in return for paying this charge the couple would receive a review of their personal and financial circumstances every year.

Mr & Mrs Deakin saw our ad on Facebook and contacted us asking if we could assist regarding the charges they had been paying to St James’s Place. After discussing the matter with Mr & Mrs Deakin they were sure that they did not receive a review every year from 2013. This meant that they were paying for a service they had not received.

We sent our claim to St James’s Place explaining why Mr & Mrs Deakin should receive a refund. After investigating the case St James’s Place agreed with our findings and refunded the fees paid in 2021 as they could find no evidence a review took place. Mr & Mrs Deakin were happy to receive £404.

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