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Roderick Smith from Oxford got back £15,529 from St James’s Place

Reclaimed figure is before the deduction of our fees

Since 2013 Roderick had invested with St James’s Place (SJP) following a financial review with his adviser. The agreement Roderick signed with SJP meant that he would have to pay an annual fee to them. In return he would receive a financial review each year to update his personal and financial circumstances and ensure any previous recommendations remained suitable, taking into account any changes.

Roderick saw our online ad, completed a short form and contacted us asking if we could help. We reviewed the service he was given and concluded that he had not received the level of service he had been paying for. Although he received some reviews in the first few years, he had not received a full review in 5 separate years between 2016 and 2021.

We sent our claim to SJP explaining why Roderick should receive a refund of the charges he had paid for the years he did not receive a review. After investigating the case SJP agreed with our findings and paid out £15,529. This covered a refund of the fees he had paid with additional interest.

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